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All types are fishing are catered for, from bottom fishing for snapper and terakihi or deeper dwelling species such as hapuka and bluenose, to softbait fishing, casting stickbaits or poppers to surface schools, jigging or fly fishing.

We will customise your trip to your requirements with charters or charter/accommodation packages from 1-7 days. Just let us know what type of fishing you want to try and we'll make it happen for you. We are also happy to provide lessons if you haven't been getting the results you expect, or you want to try a new fishing method.

Jigging, stick baits and poppers

All three of these methods of fishing have become extremely popular over the last few years due to the modern light weight tackle that is now available.

Stick baits and popper fishing

Possibly the most exciting sight fishing you can do. Nothing gets the heart racing like watching a pack of large kingfish fighting over a well worked stickbait.The hits are explosive and the fights long and hard. Only the best rods and reels need apply for this position. If you haven't tried it yet, you are missing out on some of the most exhilarating fishing it's possible to experience.


The main species targeted with this method of fishing is kingfish. Kingfish can grow into very large fish and deserve the cult following of anglers who like the physical challenge of brutal drags and screaming reels. Kingfish are considered one of the toughest fish pound for pound, that New Zealand has to offer.

Bottom or Bait Fishing

Conventional bait fishing is still a popular and productive method of targetting snapper, terakihi, gurnard, trevally and the really deep water species such as hapuka and blue nose. The best time for hapuka and blue nose fishing is usually from December through to May. Deep water charters are strictly limited to a 4 person maximum.

Crew with a days catch

Softbait Fishing

Soft-baiting on light tackle is one of our specialies. We were the first, and for some time the only charter operation to offer softbait fishing charters out of Tauranga.

When softbaiting we target mainly snapper, one of New Zealands' premier eating fish and have had catches of numerous fish in the 12-18lb bracket, a number of fish between 18lb and 25lb and one successfully caught and released 28 pounder on softbaits.

However, virtually any species can be caught on softbait, from the smaller bottom feeders like gurnard and terakihi, to the larger mid water species such as kingfish. All put up a very good fight on light tackle. We use Berkley softbaits excusively on our softbait charters.

workup picture

Saltwater Fly Fishing

Specialised equipment is required for targeting large kingfish and shark, but anyone who can cast a fly is able to catch snapper, kahawai and trevally on a fly.

Some very large schools of trevally and kahawai are in Bay of Plenty waters during the summer months (November to April) and it can be very exciting casting to thousands of fish on the surface. These schools tend to have the larger predators such as kingfish and sharks under them, so you never know what will take your offering. 9wt to 12wt fly rods are ideal to take on the smaller species.

For the serious fly fisher, rods 12wt to 16wt are used to target the larger kingfish and sharks. Obviously reels need to be top of the range to tackle these fish (your standard fly reels will not cut the mustard on these big fellas!)

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