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Topwater Fishing Pics

King fish Big T Jig Vicitm Another one graduates to the 30+ Club
Wahyu - Angel Tackle Angel Tackle Lures Jig Vicitm More victims of Angel Tackle lures
Good sized kingi stickbait battle kingi battle Kingi on stickbait
Good kingi Captain and kingi The Best Day's Fishing The Winning Fish

Softbait Fishing

Thresher on softbait Good sized snapper Paul with good snapper Three musketeers day out
Snapper on softbait Good Pannie JD on softbait Two good snappies
softbait snapper Whitianga monster (18.5lb released) Pannie on softbait Jax at Whitianga
Snapper on softies Monster Kingi Prize winning kingi Snapper

Ocean scenery

Glassy CalmOrca soundingWorkupCouldn't be calmer
Rock formationOrcaFlat seasOrca cruising by

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